Floyd Mayweather makes use of his huge £230m payday by spending a fortune on treating his entourage

The retired American boxer is believed to have pocketed around a staggering £230million in total after his ten-round bout with
Conor McGregor.

That means that Mayweather, who hung up his gloves with a 50-0 unbeaten record, earned a remarkable £23m PER ROUND.
And the 40-year-old spent some of his money by taking his entourage to flash fashion store Gucci and let them pick and choose what they wanted.
Mayweather later took to Instagram to show off a huge receipt showing the fortune he had just spent.
Alongside the image was the caption: “Took 9 of them shoe shopping today.”
Mayweather will never enter the boxing ring again as he ends his illustrious career as one of the all-time greats.
And he believes McGregor should do the same following the Irishman’s defeat.

Mayweather believes a younger, hungrier boxer would waste no time in inflicting defeat on the UFC champ.
He told ESPN's Bernardo Osuna: "Conor McGregor is a hell of a fighter and I want to see him continue to stay in the UFC and do what he do best.
"Because you must realise, that I'm 40-years-old and I've been off almost 800 days and he's active. He's actively fighting, actively training in a boxing gym and in the UFC gym.

"These other fighters, these young lions, they are throwing a lot more combinations than I'm throwing.
"I was just in the pocket, shooting one shot here and there, and breaking him down slowly.
"Whereas you got these young active guys who are throwing a lot of combinations and would get him out of there a lot earlier."

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